The members of the Macrobiotic Association “Wa-no-kai” consist of individuals promoting, teaching and disseminating Macrobiotics and macrobiotic views and practices worldwide. In line with the rules outlined below, anyone who agrees with the basis of our organization is eligible to join by recommendation of the current registered members. (After due assessment)

Macrobiotic Association“Wa-no-kai” membership rules

  • Our membership is comprised of those individuals who practice Macrobiotics and integrates it into their way of life.
  • Our members are engaged in a variety of undertakings to convey Macrobiotics in society including research activities, presiding over the activities of associations and organizations, and various disseminative activities.
  • Our members have respect, love and appreciation towards Macrobiotics and the natural world.
  • Our members agree with the basic policies stablished by the Macrobiotic Association “Wa-no-kai”.
  • Our members is comprised of those individuals who respect the differences and varied backgrounds between of its members and wish to complement and support each other.
  • Our members is comprised of those individuals who have been recommended by current registered members.
  • Our members is comprised of those who share the dream, vision, and motivation to implement Macrobiotics into their lives, share it with the world and contribute to hand it down to future generations.
  • Our members is comprised of those who continuously develop themselves and generously share their experience and wisdom with others instead of just passing down learned-knowledge to others.


  • It is strictly forbidden to use the activities of the association to sell publicity, participate in business or for marketing purposes.


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