Chiharu Yoshido

Chiharu Yoshido / 吉度 ちはる


Chiharu Yoshido (Originally Hiyori Yoshido)
Organic lifestyle journalist. Macrobiotic instructor. Leader of “Laughing Yoga.” Owner of “Yomogi Bookstore.” Representative of “Charun’s House” (Food, herb, and laughter research institute). In charge of the kitchen at “Cafe En” in Kamogawa Natural Kingdom.
After graduating from Aoyama Gakuin University, Chiharu got hired to the Shufu-to-Seikatsusha company and became an editorial staff of a parenting magazine and Ryori Mook (Cooking Book). After quitting the company when her eldest son caught a severe allergy, she encountered the vegetarian diet.
Chiharu studied under Hikari Ogata and learned the diet from Kazue Omori, Hideo Omori, Shinichiro Yamamura, Kenji Okabe, and Aiko Tanaka. Afterwards, she learned about the Wakasugi-style diet and wild herb cooking from Tomoko Wakasugi and Norika Wakasugi.
She has also become the editor of many organic-related books, such as “The Recipe of Beauty” (Yosensha), “Fermentation Way” (Studio K), “Kazue’s Whole Grains Food Book & Treatment Method” (Cosmic Law Research Association), “Wakasugi Grandma’s Food Diet Cuisine,” “Wakasugi Tomoko’s Detox Cuisine” (both published by Parco), “Half Farmer Half X Now and in the Future” (Yomogi Bookstore), etc.
Chiharu’s own books under her own name include “Nature’s Gentle Treatment Method for the Body” (Parco) and “The Great Seed Planting Strategy” (Sunmark).
Currently, while working on editing, she is also conducting her cooking classes based on the five elements of Yin and Yang. These include cooking classes for diet food and wild herb cuisine, treatment method lectures, private cooking classes at an old house, video distribution-based Yin and Yang lectures, and the Five Element lectures, all on a donation basis.

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“Fifty years of brown rice – first, things you think of start to happen as you think, then eventually, things you don’t think of start to happen as you think of them.”
This may not be accurate, but it was written in a New Year’s card from Hideo Oomori. Later on, it was said it might have been a quote from Rima Sakurazawa…
In either case, I did not take much time to experience this myself and hear many similar stories.
Although there is much uncertainty in the world today, if unexpected things happen to each person, it should change the world in different ways.
Using the Yin and Yang balance and the five elements, let’s change the world together by laughing, singing, and dancing, while gaining power from rice, wild grasses, vegetables, and seaweed.
For those who have found out, all you have to do is turn over the disk of Othello!