Patricio Garcia de Paredes

Patricio Garcia de Paredes / パトリシオ


Patricio Garcia de Paredes
Born in 1970 in Spain, Patricio was raised on the Mediterranean island of Formentera, which still preserves a natural environment suitable for self-sufficient living. At the age of five, he began following a macrobiotic lifestyle after his mother successfully improved her severe kidney disease, which had left doctors at a loss, through macrobiotics.

After immigrating to the United States and graduating from high school, Patricio traveled the world and realized the necessity of macrobiotics for solving problems such as poverty, conflicts, and diseases. He studied macrobiotics under the guidance of Michio and Aveline Kushi at the Kushi Institute in Boston, Massachusetts, and Becket. Subsequently, he traveled through the Americas, Europe, and Southeast Asia as a freelance macrobiotic instructor, giving lectures, working as a restaurant chef, private chef, coach, and consultant.

During his first visit to Japan, Patricio was astonished to discover that the wonderful traditional Japanese cuisine he had learned through macrobiotics was gradually being lost in Japanese households. He developed a desire to someday repay the gratitude to Japan, which had guided his family and himself towards health.

While traveling to various countries with the support of Mrs. Aveline, Patricio came to believe that Japan was a crucial key to changing the world and decided to relocate to Japan. He became involved in restaurant development and chef training at the macrobiotic restaurant Kushi Garden in Tokyo. Patricio was responsible for menu development and chef training as the head chef at the Shinjuku Chaya Macrobiotic Restaurant. He developed a variety of international and diverse macrobiotic dishes and European-style sweets, promoting them through restaurants, cookbooks, and education.

Patricio served as the Education Director and Chief Instructor at the Kushi Institute of Japan in Shibuya, Ebisu, Aoyama, and Kobuchisawa, Yamanashi Prefecture. In 2016, he established the Kushi Macrobiotic School in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo. Students from Japan and abroad gather there to receive comprehensive education based on a deep understanding of life.