Yasko Ojima

Yasko Ojima / 小島 也主子


While living in Sydney, Australia, Yasko’s family caught some illness, which led her to study nutrition, natural therapy, and massage. While living in Sydney, she she unexpectedly discovered a macrobiotic cafe called “MACRO” nearby, had the opportunity to work there, and experienced the joy of macrobiotics.
After returning to Japan, she began studying in a leadership program at the Kushi Institute in the United States. The following year, she learned macrobiotics from experienced leaders in Japan, the Netherlands, and Belgium.
While leading the macrobiotic cooking class “Mirai Kitchen – A Way of Life – ,” she works as a macrobiotic instructor and private chef both domestically and internationally, spreading the greatness of traditional Japanese cuisine and fermented foods.

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Through macrobiotics, I have had many valuable encounters throughout the world and have learned a lot. I have been blessed with opportunities and jobs to share macrobiotics overseas, which has had a great impact on my life.
You may think that changing your diet alone can’t change your life, but if your diet changes, your body, thoughts, and actions will change, and as a result, your life might change too!
You don’t have to take a big step forward, but I have realized that it’s important to start with something fun that you can do while enjoying delicious food.