Yuko Sakurai

Macrobiotic Cooking School Lima main campus instructor
Macrobiotic Cooking School Lima Fujigaoka branch (Nagomi) founder
Graduate of Macrobiotic Cooking School Lima Master’s program, certified instructor, certified medical chef.

Yuko was born in Hong Kong and raised there until the age of 6. During that time, the sight of mothers and children begging on the streets due to the wealth disparity in Hong Kong remained in her head, leading her to research wealth disparity and inequality during her times when she was a university student. Yuko’s research focused on Bhutan’s “Gross National Happiness” which even lead her to travel to Bhutan to investigate, continuously questioning what true wealth and happiness mean. After becoming an adult, she quit her job and went to a graduate program in the Philippines, continuing her research on street children (child labor) while doing observation in the streets and slums. She works towards world peace from the perspective of these socially vulnerable children, wishing to protect them from danger, free them from hunger, and provide them with education. read more…

Tamaki Sakurazawa

Host of the Macrobiotic Cooking School
Catering & On-site Cooking

Certified Macrobiotic Cooking School Instructor
Senior Instructor of Yamamura Juku
Concierge of Kushi Macrobiotics
Food Safety Manager
Oki Yoga-style Kanda Family Yoga Instructor
Managed the Macrobiotic Cafe Amrita in Oshiage from 2014 to 2017
Worked as opening staff in the kitchen at Bio-terrace Organica Hakone in 2018
Teaches all aspects of food including Macrobiotic French cooking. read more…

Takeji Saito

Born in 1935 in Kasukabe city, Saitama prefecture, Takeji now lives in Saitama city. In the autumn of his third year of high school, he was given the book “Eternal Boy” (written by Yukikazu Sakurazawa) by his teacher, Mr. Yorifumi Tsukada, and was impressed by the view of seeing things through food and became captivated by the fascinating nature of the Musou Principle. From the following January, Takeji began working to improve his food life at home. However, he was not understood by his family and, at 19 years old, left his house and entered the “Maison Ignoramus” led by Yukikazu Sakurazawa in Yoyogi Nishi-hara, Shibuya-ku. He first worked as a kitchen helper and then, after half a year of experience selling food and books at the agency, he got involved in editing the newspaper “World Government,” which was his lifelong goal along with Yoshimi Climac. read more…

Sanae Suzuki

Sanae was born in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture.
After graduating from high school, she studied abroad in California, United States.

Sanae is a Macrobiotic food and nutrition counselor, cooking instructor, registered practitioner of the Bach Flower Foundation in the UK, yoga instructor, and herbalist. She is also a holistic therapist for people and animals (including acupressure, moxibustion, Reiki, animal Reiki, animal communication, nutritionist and massage therapist for dogs and cats), and a Vipassana meditator.

1993: After being diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer, Sanae studied the macrobiotics diet and nutrition under the guidance of Cecil Levin, a senior teacher who studied under Michio Kushi, at the East West Macrobiotic Center in Los Angeles. While adjusting her health, attended Cecil Levin’s cooking classes and became his assistant one year later. She then became a certified macrobiotic chef. read more…