Tamaki Sakurazawa

Tamaki Sakurazawa / 桜沢 珠紀


Host of the Macrobiotic Cooking School
Catering & On-site Cooking

Certified Macrobiotic Cooking School Instructor
Senior Instructor of Yamamura Juku
Concierge of Kushi Macrobiotics
Food Safety Manager
Oki Yoga-style Kanda Family Yoga Instructor
Managed the Macrobiotic Cafe Amrita in Oshiage from 2014 to 2017
Worked as opening staff in the kitchen at Bio-terrace Organica Hakone in 2018
Teaches all aspects of food including Macrobiotic French cooking.

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Ever since I was young, I had a strong desire to become cute. This feeling grew stronger as time went by. Eventually, I became someone who would only eat things that would make me cute, and this led me to discover macrobiotics. I used to have severe allergies and skin problems since I was a child, but with macrobiotics, these issues disappeared. When I became an adult, I was even able to cure my eczema and severe back pain that was making it difficult for me to walk.

By following the teachings of macrobiotics, I felt my health and vitality improve, simply by eating natural, simple foods. I realized that true beauty and health comes from being in harmony with nature.

I would be very happy if others could also enjoy macrobiotics and the healthy, beautiful life it brings, whether they are familiar with it or not.