Yasko Ojima

While living in Sydney, Australia, Yasko’s family caught some illness, which led her to study nutrition, natural therapy, and massage. While living in Sydney, she she unexpectedly discovered a macrobiotic cafe called “MACRO” nearby, had the opportunity to work there, and experienced the joy of macrobiotics.
After returning to Japan, she began studying in a leadership program at the Kushi Institute in the United States. The following year, she learned macrobiotics from experienced leaders in Japan, the Netherlands, and Belgium.
While leading the macrobiotic cooking class “Mirai Kitchen – A Way of Life – ,” she works as a macrobiotic instructor and private chef both domestically and internationally, spreading the greatness of traditional Japanese cuisine and fermented foods. read more…

Kenji Okabe

Kenji was born in 1961. He is the director of the Japan Brown Rice Macrobiotic Institute, food & medical consultant, and director of the Macrobiotic Association.
While studying at university, Kenji went to the United States and was shocked by the high rate of obesity, leading him to research “American society and diet food.” Realizing that traditional Japanese cuisine was the best diet food, Kenji discovered macrobiotics and learned Dr. Sakurazawa’s Shokuyou-Kenkouhou (Food Diet Health Method).
After working as a lecturer for the Macrobiotic Association, Kenji moved to a rural area in Fukuoka prefecture in 2003 and established the Japan Brown Rice Macrobiotic Institute. While studying agriculture, which is also his hobby, he conducts his own unique health guidance incorporating food education, macrobiotics, the five elements of yin and yang, the concept of qi, blood, water, and deep psychology throughout Japan. read more…

Hiroko Oshima

Born in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, Hiroko has been practicing a vegan diet since her teenage years under the influence of her mother. After working as a nutritionist at a hospital and getting married, she resigned after giving birth and continued to provide nutritional advice around her community while raising her children. As Hiroko practiced traditional nutrition and Eastern nutrition such as macrobiotics, she explored which was optimal for the body and came to know the benefits of macrobiotics.

While providing advice on issues people had such as eczema, infertility, and serious diseases, Hiroko started a macrobiotic and natural yeast bread cooking class at home. She learned from various people such as Yukiko Otani’s Future Food Seminar and Hideo Omori’s course on a vegan diet and onomancy, and opened a business called “Natural Food BIO” in 2004. She also opened the Nagoya branch of Lima Cooking School and various cooking classes. read more…