Masahiro Wada

Masahiro was born in 1971. He is the headmaster of a boarding school, Hajime Juku.
In 1992, he took a year off from his university and was impressed by the words of Michio Kushi, “Macrobiotics is a way of life and philosophy.” While studying the macrobiotics “unbounded living” under him and his wife, Aveline, at Kushi House and Kushi Institute in Boston. After returning to Japan, Masahiro was inspired by the free-spirited lifestyle of Chuya and Chiaki Hashimoto in Fukushima, and was greatly influenced by the charming and unfettered lifestyle of Aiko Tanaka.

After graduating from his university, Masahiro worked at a private elementary school in Kanagawa prefecture for three years before studying Montessori education in Munich, Germany. Upon returning to Japan, he became the third headmaster of Hajime Juku. read more…