Tomoo Takakuwa

Tomoo Takakuwa/高桑 智雄


Head of the Yukikazu Sakurazawa Data Room
Born in 1970, Tomoo unintentionally joined the Japan CI Association in 2001, where he was impressed by Yukikazu Sakazawa’s yin and yang philosophy. He decided to serve as an assistant to Hideo Omori. After becoming a freelancer and going independent, Tomoo became involved in setting up and running the Yukikazu Sakurazawa Data Room in 2011. Since 2018, he has served as the Data Room Director and has been in charge of theoretical lectures at the beginner, intermediate, advanced teacher training levels of “Cooking School Lima”, and has been holding yin and yang seminars nationwide. He is engaged in activities that enjoyably convey macrobiotics, which is a combination of the theories of food nutrition, yin and yang, and the universe. He has edited and written books such as “A Book about the Yin and Yang of Macrobiotics” and “Macrobiotic Movement.”

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マクロビオティッククッキングスクール リマ


Since the year 2000, the word “Macrobiotic” has spread surprisingly throughout the general public. However, its image is limited to a one-sided perception of a restrictive diet that excluded animal products, dairy, and sugar. This image is far from the Macrobiotic lifestyle that utilizes the fascinating balance of yin and yang and the order of the universe to live freely. I believe that the universe view depicted by Professor Sakurazawa is necessary during this time of great change in society. The third generation of us are no longer in the era where charismatic leaders such as Professor Sakurazawa, Professor Kushi, and Professor Omori lead the way. This is an era where lecturers and instructors can share information and spread awareness by creating a network together. In this sense, the role of “Macrobiotic Wa no Kai” will be very important in the coming future.