Takeshi Hatano

Takeshi Hatano (nicknamed Tao-san)
Representative director of the TAO Juku General Incorporated Association and food ecologist.
Graduate of Kumamoto University Graduate School (Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding).

After being inspired by the holistic medicine due to the death of his grandmother, Takashi Hatano, delved into Eastern philosophy and medicine. He studied macrobiotics at the Japan CI Association and the Seishoku Association, obtained a national license as an acupuncturist, and worked as a staff member at the Kushi Institute in the United States. After traveling through Europe without money, he returned to his hometown Oguni and founded the TAO Juku School. After, Takeshi subsequently collaborated with medical professionals to organize the TAO Retreat and TAO Food Education Garden, which focuses on healing the mind and body. read more…

Chuya Hashimoto

Born in 1947 in Niigata Prefecture, Chuya came across macrobiotics while fasting at a temple when he was 26. Fascinated by its practicality and the depth of its view on life, Chuya has been studying macrobiotics throughout his life for the past 47 years.
After getting married, Chuya decided to live in the mountains of Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture. While living in nature, he helped his wife give unassisted birth to five children and raised them on a vegan diet without any help from medicines or doctors.
In the 40 years of his research and study of food, he explored ways to revamp and recover the mind and soul through “half-fasting,” which is considered to be fundamental for improving constitution in one’s body. This also served as the core idea for his original program. Since then, he has held international seminars over many years in places such as Japan, Australia, Ireland, Spain, China, and more, drawing around 9000 participants from over 10 countries. read more…

Chiaki Hashimoto

In 1972, Chiaki came across macrobiotics. She received instruction in macrobiotic food and its philosophy of it from people such as Lima Sakurazawa, Haruko Tanaka, Aiko Tanaka, and Michi Ogawa -all being direct disciples of Yukikazu Sakurazawa. In 1998, her family moved from Tokyo to a small village in the mountains of Fukushima Prefecture to practice macrobiotic living and has been learning it for over the past 40 years. In 1981, she and her husband Chuya founded “Macrobian,” and starts a half-fasting seminar at a forest retreat center. She organizes various programs such as meditation sessions and parent-child camps in nature. Chiaki also pursues life by being a director in cooking, living, and emotional care, and by closely taking care of each person’s life. read more…