Takeshi Hatano

Takeshi Hatano / 波多野 毅


Takeshi Hatano (nicknamed Tao-san)
Representative director of the TAO Juku General Incorporated Association and food ecologist.
Graduate of Kumamoto University Graduate School (Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding).

After being inspired by the holistic medicine due to the death of his grandmother, Takashi Hatano, delved into Eastern philosophy and medicine. He studied macrobiotics at the Japan CI Association and the Seishoku Association, obtained a national license as an acupuncturist, and worked as a staff member at the Kushi Institute in the United States. After traveling through Europe without money, he returned to his hometown Oguni and founded the TAO Juku School. After, Takeshi subsequently collaborated with medical professionals to organize the TAO Retreat and TAO Food Education Garden, which focuses on healing the mind and body. He has taught “Health and Peace Theory Based on the Philosophy of Oriental Medicine” at various institutions, including the Japan Macrobiotic Association, the Seishoku Association, Kushi Institute Japan, Kumamoto University, Doshisha University, and Kitakyushu City University. Currently, while living an agricultural lifestyle, he gives entertaining lectures on education that incorporate laughter internationally. Takeshi also participates in the “Food Course: Theory Edition,” organized by the Kumamoto Prefecture. In 2018, he received the Minister of the Environment Award. His books include “The Logic of Integrating Medicine, Food, and Agriculture,” “The Compass of a Free Spirit,” and “The Philosophy of Oriental Medicine.”

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We host small seminars in the nature of Aso, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, to awaken our natural healing power that we inherently possess. In a quiet environment, by facing ourselves, we discover and release the fixed ideas that have bound us until now. Through various workshops that enhance our natural healing power and meals full of vitality, our hearts and bodies are reborn. The pandemic and abnormal weather has the same kind of root.

Are bacterias and viruses really our enemies?
Is heavy rain and flooding really a natural disaster?

Our coexistence with nature, awe and gratitude towards nature are being questioned now. It seems important to firmly grasp what the anxiety and fear that have been unconsciously ingrained in us are.

Phenomenas such as chaos, collapse, and loss of things are likely to continue in the future. However, I feel that it is the destruction and creation towards the next stage of humanity.

Illness and conflict are messages sent for “awareness.” When we approach it with Eastern medicine and conflict transformation, the way we see and think about things will change.
The transformation of our fixed mindset is the foundation for the transformation that seems like solid social systems!

TAO Retreat is not a deluxe-like experiencing place. It is a place for relaxation and detoxification. The complex of the heart and body is released as time passes, and it is a seminar where we can learn while enjoying and becoming aware of the matrix of this world.

Let’s boost your immune system and increase your self-affirmation and current affirmation! If you are interested in the “TAO Retreat body improvement seminar,” where you can learn to live happily, brightly, and interestingly in any situation, please join us ♬ (Due to the pandemic, etc., the course may be held online. Please contact us for details.)