Chiaki Hashimoto

Chiaki Hashimoto / 橋本 ちあき


In 1972, Chiaki came across macrobiotics. She received instruction in macrobiotic food and its philosophy of it from people such as Lima Sakurazawa, Haruko Tanaka, Aiko Tanaka, and Michi Ogawa -all being direct disciples of Yukikazu Sakurazawa. In 1998, her family moved from Tokyo to a small village in the mountains of Fukushima Prefecture to practice macrobiotic living and has been learning it for over the past 40 years. In 1981, she and her husband Chuya founded “Macrobian,” and starts a half-fasting seminar at a forest retreat center. She organizes various programs such as meditation sessions and parent-child camps in nature. Chiaki also pursues life by being a director in cooking, living, and emotional care, and by closely taking care of each person’s life.
Being a mother of two sons and three daughters, she gave birth to her sons alone, and three daughters with her husband. Based on macrobiotics, she raised her children by embodying self-childbirth, diaper-free childcare, natural childcare, and alternative education.
Chiaki conveys the wisdom, that she gained from her experience, through her lectures and writings to the whole child-rearing generation, not just to people who practice macrobiotics. She also works hard to promote femininity and agricultural sustainable lifestyles for the next generation.
Even after she left Fukushima Prefecture due to the nuclear accident in 2011, she has resettled in a new environment and is enjoying life in nature with three generations of her family, including her grandchildren.

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