Yukari Isogai

Yukari Isogai / 磯貝 柚佳里


Yukari was born in Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture. From a young age, she has had a strong desire to know the “truth”. However, she continued to have the question of what exactly the “truth” is.

During her troubled middle school years, she made the decision not to go to university because she was concerned that if she just went to school, she would become a “machine gear,” and if she continued to study in the current way, she would become a man. She spent a relatively fulfilling adolescence.

Yukari was told from the beauty school teacher to eat brown rice, and from the language school teacher, to stop eating sugar, and at the age of 22, she started wanting brown rice. At that time, she came across a book, “Introduction to Proper Brown Rice Eating”, and learned about yin and yang, and why not to eat four-legged animals, and was shocked. She finally realized that the truth she had been seeking all this time was this. Thinking this is her way to go, she studied under Hideo Omori and got married to Masahiro Isogai, who was Hideo’s follower, at the age of 25. Yukari gave birth to three sons and three daughters, four of them at home in the city and two in the countryside. When she lived in Tokyo, she ran a cooking school. At 36 years old, when she had her fifth child, Yukari started the Macrobiotic Wado in Tomioka City, Gunma Prefecture with her husband. She provides meals and smiles to many people with health problems.

Yukari works to embody the femininity that gently embraces everything that has become neglected in modern women including herself. While expanding her limits at her own pace, she conveys easy-to-understand yin and yang without complication through my daily life.

She is the a of the macrobiotic instructor Masahiro Isogai, a mother of high school to preschool children, hostess of Macrobiotic Wado, and a macrobiotic practitioner who loves make-up and fashion.

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