Fascinated by Sagen Ishizuka, George Ohsawa, and pioneers’ worldwide Macrobiotic movement, views, and way of life, the members of our association have gathered to share their own experience and wisdom. Our members come from different backgrounds and are active in diverse activities and fields, and have come together with the intention of passing their understanding down to the next generation and to the world. And in order to proceed, we have started a Global Macrobiotic Study Association called“Wa-no-kai,” as a research and study organization.

In Japanese the word, “Wa” has various deep meanings, including harmony, circle, ring, ancient Japan, myself, oneself, and others. And “Kai” means association.

In the year 2020 the world is in the middle of a transition to the Age of Aquarius.  And various problems are now coming to the surface as part of a global change towards more sustainable lifestyles, wellness and ideas for developing health and well-being, human development, and spiritual growth. Consequently the world could well benefit from Macrobiotic views and way of life.

Macrobiotics is much more than just a diet or a health promoting method.  Macrobiotics includes other fundamental aspects that can lead to a thriving and more enjoyable life.  Macrobiotics includes an energetic view of life based on Oriental philosophy and the notion of Yin and Yang which is a great tool for improving society and contributing to a peaceful world.

The core of our activities include growing together and supporting each other in our development as well as conduct research and promote continuous study. Also, as leaders, committed to helping disseminate Macrobiotics and handing it down to future generations with a sense of responsibility.


Our Organization

Minaka Nagai became the founder and called on others disseminating Macrobiotics throughout Japan to hold the first “Macrobiotic Wa-no-kai meeting” in Minami-Senju, Tokyo on January 2018. Chuya Hashimoto became the representative and the Macrobiotic Association “Wa-no-kai” was established. Currently, there are 33 registered members (as of July 10, 2020). In the future, we look forward to strengthen our ties with other members within Japan and with those who are actively disseminating macrobiotics in other parts of the world with the intention of creating a worldwide organization.

Our Goal

By creating a place for mutual growth, research, and further study, our members who are actively working to promote, teach and disseminate Macrobiotics, can then make sound proposals for improving social issues and lead towards a more sustainable and brighter future on this planet influenced by Macrobiotic ideas and way of life practices.

Our Activities

  • – Once-a-month we organize an internal meeting held by registered members (available online).
    * Other assemblies are organized when required such as in case of an emergency.
  • We also organize public panel discussions four times a year.
  • We help disseminate information on our website.