Chuya Hashimoto

Chuya Hashimoto / 橋本 宙八


Born in 1947 in Niigata Prefecture, Chuya came across macrobiotics while fasting at a temple when he was 26. Fascinated by its practicality and the depth of its view on life, Chuya has been studying macrobiotics throughout his life for the past 47 years.
After getting married, Chuya decided to live in the mountains of Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture. While living in nature, he helped his wife give unassisted birth to five children and raised them on a vegan diet without any help from medicines or doctors.
In the 40 years of his research and study of food, he explored ways to revamp and recover the mind and soul through “half-fasting,” which is considered to be fundamental for improving constitution in one’s body. This also served as the core idea for his original program. Since then, he has held international seminars over many years in places such as Japan, Australia, Ireland, Spain, China, and more, drawing around 9000 participants from over 10 countries.
Due to the Tohoku Earthquake, Chuya moved to Kyoto in March of 2011. While currently holding seminars at his house and in various locations in Japan, he strives to spread macrobiotics to the next generation by conveying his experiences with food to the world.

The term “Macrobian” was invented from Chuya’s activity, and it describes a person who practices the macrobiotic diet.

Lives in Kyoto, Japan. Founder of “Macrobian” and professor of the KIJ, Japan CI Association, Seishoku Association, and other macrobiotic organizations.

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My roots in Macrobiotics lie in fasting and natural agricultural farming. I was refreshed and stimulated for the first time in my life when I practiced fasting, and felt that my mind and body were cleansed. I encountered natural farming methods and learned that crops can be grown safely and healthily without plowing, fertilizing, or adding unnecessary human intervention. Combining these two ways of thinking, “half-fasting” lets you experience the health, happiness, and freedom of mind and body we initially had, through food. Forty years after creating a program based on half-fasting, and after having over 9000 people experience it, I am finally starting to feel the usefulness of macrobiotics.
In this technologically advancing world, the way we think and live will eventually be moved to a virtual world. However, realizing a healthy and contented world is not possible with a virtual world -with just knowledge and the imaginary worlds the brain creates. Rather, only people who can make the right decisions and have healthy bodies are able to create this reality.
The time will come when artificial intelligence will be able to replace the aggregation of knowledge. That is why we have to enhance our five senses, make decisions according to the natural order of the universe, and create new things, all with the help of food. It seems to me that this kind of macrobiotics will be needed in the coming future. I sincerely wish to meet many people around the world, deepen the research on food together, and share my wisdom and experiences I have had.