Kenji Okabe

Kenji Okabe / 岡部 賢二


Kenji was born in 1961. He is the director of the Japan Brown Rice Macrobiotic Institute, food & medical consultant, and director of the Macrobiotic Association.
While studying at university, Kenji went to the United States and was shocked by the high rate of obesity, leading him to research “American society and diet food.” Realizing that traditional Japanese cuisine was the best diet food, Kenji discovered macrobiotics and learned Dr. Sakurazawa’s Shokuyou-Kenkouhou (Food Diet Health Method).
After working as a lecturer for the Macrobiotic Association, Kenji moved to a rural area in Fukuoka prefecture in 2003 and established the Japan Brown Rice Macrobiotic Institute. While studying agriculture, which is also his hobby, he conducts his own unique health guidance incorporating food education, macrobiotics, the five elements of yin and yang, the concept of qi, blood, water, and deep psychology throughout Japan.


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