Hisae Ishii

Hisae Ishii / 石井 久恵


Hisae was born in 1952 in Chiba, Japan. Marrying Saburo Ishii, the founder of Family Yoga in 1976, she became the chief instructor of Family Yoga. She went to the Okinawa Yoga Dojo with her husband in 1977 and studied under the teacher, Oki Masahiro.
After a year of training, Hisae founded the Family Yoga School with her husband in Matsudo, Chiba in 1979. The following year, she and her husband opened a yoga classroom in Kanda, Tokyo.
Since its establishment, she has taught over 30,000 students and over 1,000 instructor training course students.
Hisae also conducts yoga teachings-based “The Kou-no-tori will come seminar” for advice on infertility, and holds yoga instructor training courses in Nagoya, Japan. She also opens various workshops domestically.
After raising her children, she went abroad with Shingo Ishii to lead workshops, and in 2016, she held a solo women’s workshop in Sydney, Australia.


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