Hiroko Oshima

Hiroko Oshima / 大島 弘鼓


Born in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, Hiroko has been practicing a vegan diet since her teenage years under the influence of her mother. After working as a nutritionist at a hospital and getting married, she resigned after giving birth and continued to provide nutritional advice around her community while raising her children. As Hiroko practiced traditional nutrition and Eastern nutrition such as macrobiotics, she explored which was optimal for the body and came to know the benefits of macrobiotics.

While providing advice on issues people had such as eczema, infertility, and serious diseases, Hiroko started a macrobiotic and natural yeast bread cooking class at home. She learned from various people such as Yukiko Otani’s Future Food Seminar and Hideo Omori’s course on a vegan diet and onomancy, and opened a business called “Natural Food BIO” in 2004. She also opened the Nagoya branch of Lima Cooking School and various cooking classes.

As Hiroko continued to share macrobiotics, she strongly felt that “living healthily and freely” relates closely to promoting one’s state of mind. She learned about self-improvement, listening, psychology, immunology, alternative therapy, palmistry, qigong, coaching, and many more, and realized that everything is based on the principle of yin and yang. Soon, Hiroko became a lecturer at the Lima Cooking Instructor Training Course, which prompted her to reread Sakurazawa’s book, and was surprised to find that everything she had been exploring was covered in it.

Currently, she is teaching the Master Class and Instructor Class at the Lima Cooking School main campus, operates the Nagoya branch, and provides courses incorporating Eastern philosophy and introspection as a “guide for the mind and body” as well as ear-coning sessions.

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Through years of studying and sharing macrobiotics, I have come to realize that the true purpose of it is “to stand firmly on one’s own feet and walk towards the realization of freedom (health) and happiness (peace).”
To convey this in an understandable way, I believe that it is important not only to focus on food, but also on the balance of the mind and body’s yin and yang, and have explored the concept of the “order of the universe” as written by Mr. Sakurazawa. I believe that yin and yang are present in all things, and they are a form of energy known as “ki.” I have also come to feel that everything is made up of ki and that the way in which we live is greatly influenced by our ki.
While macrobiotics can help to balance the energy of our food and body, I have become interested in how we can balance the energy of our mind and thoughts. I have traveled all around and read many books on this topic, but I was surprised and impressed to discover that Mr. Sakurazawa had already written about all of this in his book.
Currently, I share macrobiotic cooking and theory, as well as seminars based on Eastern philosophy, such as “Living Freely Workshops” and “Seminars to Connect with Your True Self” that incorporate introspection. Through these activities, I hope to increase the awareness of the 7 major conditions of health, which is “never lying to one’s self in order to protect one’s self.” I strive to promote a healthy and free lifestyle by helping people understand this meaning of not lying to their true selves.
I look forward to the exchange and further education that will come through taking part in the Macrobiotic Wa no Kai.