Deco Nakajima

Deco Nakajima / 中島 デコ


Born in Tokyo in 1958, Deco is a Macrobiotic Chef.
Deco encountered Macrobiotics at the age of 16 and started learning it passion when she was 25.
In 1986, she starts holding cooking classes at her house. She became a mother of two sons and three daughters through two marriages, and her cooking instructions based on her experience raising five children has inspired and gained trust from many mothers.
In 1999, she opened “Brown’s Field”, an old house with a farm in Isumi city, Chiba Prefecture. This space that she created aims for a sustainable and self-sufficient life with young people from all over the world. Inside of Brown’s Field, a weekend cafe “Rice Terrace” overlooking the countryside, an event accommodation “Sagrada Kominka”, and a natural auberge “Ji Ji No Ie” were opened.
In 2016, Deco started up BF Books and published a book called “The Round Table of Brown’s Field.” She currently lives with her children, grandchildren, and staff members of usually 10 people who supports her in planning and managing sustainable schools, various events, and workshops. She also works as a cooking instructor, and is the author of many books including cookbooks and essays.