Kimie Moteki

Kimie Moteki / 茂木 紀三巴


1958: Born in Saitama Prefecture
1981: Graduated from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
1984:  Moved to Gunma Prefecture
2002: Kimie discovered macrobiotics and was amazed by its miraculous effects on various symptoms caused by allergies and other indefinite complaints. Since then, she has learned from more than 10 macrobiotics teachers and while practicing it, began counseling. Kimie also became the head organizer of the “PU classroom”. (For more details, please refer to “My Macrobiotic History.”)
2002: Obtained the qualification of Nutritional Correction Specialist at the International Academy of Life Sciences.
2004: Completed the Shojin Medical Course (by Hideo Omori).
2006: Completed the “You and the Health” Nutritional Classroom Correspondence Course (by Yuriko Tojo).
  • Obtained the qualification of Lifestyle Disease Prevention Instructor at the Holistic Medical Association (by Ryoichi Obitsu).
  • Completed the advanced course of Food and Nutrition Medicine (by Shinichiro Yamamura).
  • Completed the Macrobiotic Instructor Training Course (by Kenji Okabe).
  • Completed the intermediate level of the Diagnosis Instructor Training Course (by Shinichiro Yamamura).
  • Completed the TL Instructor Training Course (by Kazuhiro Hosokawa).
2015: Completed the Medical Chef Training Course (by Kaomi Kobayashi).
2018: Obtained the certification of Aroma Advisor from the NARD Aromatherapy Association.
[Encountering Macrobiotics]
It all started with my mother becoming almost bedridden from being overmedicated, and my questioning of Western medicine leading us to a hospital that practiced natural healing through Macrobiotics. I was surprised by the concept of Yin and Yang after reading a Macrobiotics book that was there. I had always thought that Yin and Yang were related to fortune-telling.
[Joining the Japan CI Association]
To learn more about Macrobiotics, I started attending lectures and courses held by the CI Association. As I continued to practice, my eczema and other vague symptoms that had plagued me since my youth started healing, and I felt the effectiveness. However, it was difficult to get my family to understand, and I struggled with this. Through learning about the unity of Yin and Yang, I realized that everyone is unique and it is important to accept every way of thinking. This was a turning point for me, and my relationship with my family improved even further.
[Working to spread Macrobiotics]
Macrobiotics is a practical dialectical way of life that scientifically explains the ancient concept of yin and yang. If everyone practices this and becomes healthy and happy, they can achieve “peaceful harmony” and contribute to world peace. That’s why the existence of “Wa-no-Kai” is so valuable. It seems like a waste to keep such a wonderful lifestyle for oneself, so I provide health counseling through “Yin-Yang and the Five Elements of Macrobiotics” to share Macrobiotics with as many people as possible.

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I deeply respect the founder of Macrobiotics, Mr. Yukikazu Sakurazawa, who taught us that the phenomena of this world are made up of Yin and Yang. With the words “One day of Yin-Yang, three years of Food-Education, seven years of True Life, and the principle of Muso for your entire life,” I would like to work together with all of you to promote this wonderful Macrobiotic lifestyle.