Miyumi Chiba

Miyumi Chiba / 千葉 芽弓


Veggie Food Producer
Leader of Tokyo Smile Veggies
Producer of Vegewel

To resolve social issues such as health, environment, and food waste, and to respond to the diversity of food as diversity, Miyumi produces plant-based menus and products that are natural and prioritizes traditional Japanese food based on macrobiotics, and conducts widespread promotional activities.

She is active in a wide range of activities, including regional revival and revitalization through food, cooking seminars and party catering, writing, media communications, and event planning.

KIJ Certified Macrobiotic Advisor
Completion of the La Cocina De Minaka Lecturer Course
Oki Yoga Instructor License
Food Coordinator, Food Education Instructor, Food Space Coordinator
Lecturer in Sougetsu-ryu Kado

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「Tokyo Smile Veggies」~トーキョーにベジなおもてなしを


I have experienced for myself that having a healthy mind and body enables one to be kind to others and have the energy and vision to contribute to society, leading to a happier life.
As someone whose life was greatly changed by discovering macrobiotics, my mission is to spread its wonderful philosophy to society, lowering the barriers that prevent its widespread adoption.
Macrobiotics, with its respect for nature, coexistence, love, and gratitude, is a powerful tool that can help solve common social issues such as health, the environment, food waste, hunger, and pandemics, and is a true form of sustainability.
By each individual reconsidering their food and lifestyle, their life force, natural healing power, and senses will be honed, changing not only their own health and life, but also those around them, the environment, and the future.
Macrobiotics is necessary for our time and is not a difficult or boring thing, but rather a fun and exciting one. The macrobiotic cuisine made from balanced seasonal ingredients is delicious, healthy, and beautiful, and makes one feel happy.
I am grateful to have the opportunity to help and improve through “Macrobiotic Wa no Kai” with the seniors who believe that small changes and behavior can change the world.