Masahiro Isogai

Masahiro Isogai / 磯貝 昌寛


Born in Gunma prefecture in 1976. A nutritional diet counselor. Founder of “Macrobiotic Wado”.

Masahiro started learning from Hideo Oomori (1919-2005) and Eiwan Ishida (1936-2010) at the age of 20 and was involved in the operation of the Universe Law Research Society (currently recessed). In 2000, he opened a specialty store for macrobiotics “Kokusaiya” and served as representative until 2016. In 2014, he founded Macrobiotic Wado in his hometown in Tomioka City (Gunma prefecture) and holds fasting retreats, salt-free retreats, individual dietary guidance, and natural agricultural experiences.

Masahiro has provided nutritional guidance to nearly 10,000 people over 20 years, promoting macrobiotics (a way of life that balances food, body, and mind) that suits modern people.

Japan CI Association Lecturer
Birth Harmony Lecturer
Kokusaiya Lecturer
La Cocina De Minaka Lecturer



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The generations will move on while cycling. The era of the 20th century that sought material abundance has passed and the 21st century, where spiritual richness is sought, has entered. Although there are still many occurrences of being left behind, the amount of people who seek spiritual fulfillment are increasing. More and more people are exploring inside their lives.
From the previous century where meat consumption increased, the current century where plant-based eating is gradually increasing. The era is progressing from yang to yin while moving in cycles. The way to adopt the overall view of the era (sense of taikyoku) is through macrobiotics. Yin and yang are gentle. By learning yin and yang through food, you can live smartly.