Macrobiotic Wado – Private Instruction

Nutritional Individual Guidance

Macrobiotic individual guidance tailored to one’s constitution and physical condition

This is individual nutritional guidance developed from the consultation of visual diagnosis and nutrition. Basically, we provide nutritional guidance one-on-one. We instruct on diet, treatments, exercises, and lifestyle suitable for the individual. Depending on physical strength, natural farming work is also incorporated.


Start: First day 14:00   End: Final day 14:00

Participation fee: 1-day course 25,000 yen (tax included)

For each night, Intensive course 35,000 yen (tax included), Basic course 24,000 yen (tax included), Wellness course 13,000 yen (tax included)

Intensive Course / Basic Course

【Dietary Guidance】

During the training period, we provide and instruct on a diet suited for the individual. This varies from person to person, including those who are suited for fasting, salt reduction, or those who need to eat a sufficient amount. The contents of meals may change frequently.

【Nutritional Treatment】

Ginger poultice… Not only does it improve blood circulation, but it also warms the blood, increases oxygen concentration in the blood, and enhances natural healing power. It stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and activates the body from the inside.

*Other treatments will be provided as needed


Starting with exercises to improve flexibility in joints, moving to exercises that enhance the warming capacity of the intestines. When the warming capacity of the intestines is enhanced, blood formation and excretion powers improve. Exercise is indispensable for a healthy body.


Walking, paired with exercise, is essential. It enhances the flexibility of the hip joints and strengthens the calf muscles. It particularly activates the circulatory system. It also has a strong purifying effect on emotions and contributes greatly to mental stability.

【Breathing Techniques (Meditation)】

Living is breathing. Focusing on breathing deepens our entry into our inner selves, purifying both mind and body as the breath deepens. Breathing techniques practiced alongside nutritional practice can expect synergistic purification effects.


Lectures during nutritional training focused on diet, body, and mind allow for experiential learning. There’s no mistake in what is understood and practiced. Lectures can lead to significant changes in awareness, providing lectures suited to the individual at the time.

<Lecture Topics>

Differences between fasting and semi-fasting, Taste and body sensation, Change in breathing with diet, Change in body and mind with intestinal health, Yin and Yang in food, History of eating habits visible from the face, Fate and destiny (inherent energy and acquired energy), Tips for unlocking destiny, etc.

Intensive Course: Close guidance on the first and second days.

Basic Course: About 4 hours of guidance over two days.

1-Day Course: 9-16 hours, with close guidance. Includes lunch.

Wellness Course

We provide meals suitable for the individual. For newcomers, we recommend taking the Intensive or Basic course for a few days before transitioning to the Wellness course. For those who have participated in nutritional fasting or individual training sessions and do not require guidance on nutritional treatments, lectures, exercises, or breathing techniques, participation in the Wellness course from the first day is also possible.

Dinner, morning drink, and lunch will be provided according to one’s constitution and physical condition.

Participation in natural farming work in the fields and farms is also available upon request (depending on the season).

Participation example) Intensive course 3 nights 105,000 yen (tax included), Basic course 3 nights 72,000 yen (tax included)

Intensive course 1 night + Basic course 1 + Wellness course 1 night 72,000 yen (tax included)

Items to bring: Toiletries (bath towel, toothbrush, cup, etc.), sheets, pillow cover, exercise clothes, sneakers, water bottle

Reservation required: Please apply up to 10 days before the desired date. Please inform us of your first to third choice of start dates.

Please provide your name, gender, age, number of nights, postal code, address, telephone number, email address, and mode of transportation (car, train). We will send a map and confirmation documents to those who have applied.

◎ Baths will be either medicinal baths at Wado or Isobe Hot Springs.

◎ Those who wish for a visual diagnosis and nutritional consultation can do so during or after the camp period (8,000 yen per person). Especially recommended for newcomers, either during or after the period.


Organizer (Venue): Macrobiotic Wado, Masahiro Isogai

〒370-2451 Gunma Prefecture, Tomioka City, Ueda 670-3

TEL 0274-63-2238 (Office)

TEL 0274-67-7824 (Home/Dojo)

FAX 0274-89-3206

The dojo operates as a place of learning for everyone, from children to the elderly, healthy people to those with illnesses, and both men and women.

<Feedback from Participants>

The moment I stepped into Wado, I felt incredibly comfortable. This led to 9 nights and 10 days of individual guidance. Day by day, through exercise, treatments, meals, and conversations with Mr. Isogai, my learning and feelings deepened. Having previously consulted about nutrition, actually spending time together deepened my understanding, allowing me to adjust what I had been doing on my own and adding something extra. Moving forward, I want to proceed with even more confidence in directing my body towards better health.

Spending time in a pleasant building, surrounded by flowers, bugs, trees, mountains, and fresh air, revived my spirits.

Leaving my familiar surroundings, family, friends, and my former self, I saw many things. I am filled with gratitude for everything once again. Thank you very much for creating such an opportunity and allowing me to learn many valuable things. I look forward to your continued support. (Woman in her 30s, Kanagawa Prefecture)

Participating for 1 night and 2 days, I realized how incredibly cold I was. It’s not just about having more salt but also the importance of reducing it… Even with a high salt intake, being this cold is the best proof. Learning about nutrition and hearing various people’s stories was really enjoyable. I had a splendid bowel movement on my way back! Before coming for individual training, I had developed a boil near my right jaw, but by the time I left, the pus had risen to a MAX. And I had a bruise on the front right side of my pelvis, even though I hadn’t bumped into anything. Probably this was a detox reaction! Once these were gone, I really felt refreshed. It’s interesting how various reactions appear on the right side. As the teacher said, it’s yang, isn’t it? These 1 night and 2 days were very significant. Not just the meals, but also the exercise and breathing techniques, I’ll gradually make them a part of my daily routine.

I wrote “life transformation” as the purpose of the training, and I’m glad I did. Receiving a visual diagnosis (nutrition consultation) was truly beneficial. I will definitely put it into practice. From now on, I’ll work hard with a smile and brightness, in the way I want to. Thank you for accommodating me during the busy end of the year. I want to be able to make delicious dishes like your wife’s too (#^^#) It was very delicious!! (Woman in her 30s, Tokyo)

Since there were two participants (me and a friend), both the treatment and conversations with the teacher were very relaxing. As part of the purpose was to heal from daily fatigue, spending time here in a different way than at a larger camp was just right for me. It’s very appreciative that various courses can be chosen depending on the mood and situation at the time (sometimes the hurdle is high just for fasting). Also, walking with the wife was enjoyable. She carries a different healing vibe from the teacher! The food was delicious and will be a reference for the future. When I return to the city, this honest sensation becomes clouded, but when it gets too much, I want to come back for a reset (I thought I would like to live in the countryside). Thank you. (Woman in her 50s, Tokyo)

I participated for the improvement of my body constitution. Due to chemical sensitivity, I had been wearing a mask almost all day long, but coming here and being able to take it off and breathe in the air fully was something both my mind and body rejoiced in first and foremost.

The daily meals at Wado were very delicious, and I found myself eating more than usual. Especially when the salt-free soup started, I initially wondered if it would have any taste, but as soon as I took a sip, I could feel it seeping into every part of my body. “My body is enjoying this!” I couldn’t get enough of this sensation.

The more I ate, the lighter my body felt, and my bowel movements became more regular. When I experienced a bowel movement that cleared out old stool, I looked into the toilet bowl and couldn’t help but be delighted! At the same time, I felt a sense of lightness in my spirit as well. Everything is connected.

The important talks from the teacher, especially about “the order of the universe,” made me realize that everything around us, plants, animals, and even things we cannot see, are all connected. I felt this connection was very precious while I was out walking.

Because of this, I felt it’s important to cherish my own existence within it. Thank you. (Woman in her 30s, Kanagawa Prefecture)