Macrobiotic Wado – Dietary Retreat

Dietary Retreat Tailored to Individual Physical Constitution and Condition 2023–2024

Fasting, Semi-fasting, Salt-Free, etc., Macrobiotic Residential Seminars Tailored to Individual Physical Constitution and Condition

We will live according to each individual’s constitution. By tailoring diet and care to symptoms, improvements in constitution are made. Changing environments to face oneself, the synergy with changes in diet becomes the first step in improving both mind and body. Participants serve as mirrors for each other, deepening their own learning. It’s designed so that anyone can engage without difficulty. We will practice diets and lifestyles matched to everyone’s pace.

2023 (Reiwa 5th Year)

124th November 21–26 (Tue–Sun)

125th December 5–10 (Tue–Sun)

126th December 25–29 (Mon–Fri)

2024 (Reiwa 6th Year)

127th January 16–21 (Tue–Sun)

128th February 20–25 (Tue–Sun)

129th March 6–10 (Wed–Sun) ↑The 129th session focuses on semi-fasting centered around walking

130th March 19–24 (Tue–Sun)


Meeting: First day at 13:30, Dismissal: Sunday at 14:30

Participation Fee (tax included)

2 nights 3 days (35,200 yen) 3 nights 4 days (52,800 yen) 4 nights 5 days (70,400 yen) 5 nights 6 days (88,000 yen)

Items to bring: Toiletries (bath towel, toothbrush, cup, etc.), sheets, pillowcase, workout clothes, sneakers, water bottle

Reservation Required: Due to the need to procure ingredients, please apply up to 5 days before the event

Please provide your name, gender, age, number of nights staying, postal code, address, phone number, email address, and mode of transportation (car, train). A map and confirmation documents will be sent to those who apply.

◎ Baths will be either Wado’s medicinal baths or Isobe Onsen ◎ Rooms are shared (separated by gender)

◎ For those who wish for diagnostic dietary consultation (diet prescription guidance), it is available during or after the retreat period (8,000 yen per person)

Day 1

13:00 Registration begins

13:30 Retreat explanation

14:00 Lecture

16:00 Bath

18:00 Dinner

19:30 Lecture

21:00 Bedtime

Day 2

6:00 Wake up

6:30 Cleaning

7:00 Exercise & Meditation

8:00 Walking

11:00 Condition check

12:00 Lunch

14:00 Ginger compress

16:00 Bath

18:00 Dinner

19:30 Discussion (Lecture)

Day 3

8:00 Long walking

11:00 Condition check

12:00 Lunch

14:00 Group diagnosis

Day 4

8:00 Walking

9:00 Morning drink

10:00 Lecture

12:00 Lunch

14:00 Care method or exercise

Day 5

8:00 Long walking

11:00 Condition check

12:00 Lunch

14:00 Ginger compress

☆ The schedule will be adjusted according to each person’s condition, allowing participation without strain.

Day 6

8:00 Walking

9:00 Morning drink

10:00 Condition check

11:00 Lecture

12:00 Lunch

14:00 Closing ceremony

14:30 Dismissal

The content for mornings and evenings from the third day onwards is the same as the second day. The schedule is subject to change. There will be free time. There are times for meditation in the morning and evening. Regardless of the length of stay, the first day starts at 13:30.

Payment: Please transfer to one of the following accounts by 5 days before the event date after applying. The account name is all Masahiro Isogai.

Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank, Oizumi Branch, Savings 4542490

Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Oizumi Branch, Savings 6810439

Japan Post Bank, Symbol 10470, Number 30580651

(For transfers from other banks: 048 Branch, Savings 3058065)


Organizer (Venue) Macrobiotic Wado, Masahiro Isogai

〒370-2451 Gunma Prefecture, Tomioka City, Ueda 670-3

TEL 0274-63-2238 (Office) TEL 0274-67-7824 (Home and Dojo) FAX 0274-89-3206

Feedback from Participants

This was my first time participating in a semi-fasting retreat. Before the camp, I was a negative person, focusing on the bad parts of my chronic conditions. However, the people I met at the camp looked bright, light, and healthy, although they also had their struggles and chronic diseases. This made me stop thinking “only I am…” and start thinking “let’s do our best together with everyone,” clearing my mind day by day.

“Thoroughly walking (exercising),” “Thoroughly chewing (brown rice and barley porridge, 200 bites per mouthful, 100 bites),” “Thoroughly warming up (ginger compress)”

Then, facing the detox reactions and resting slowly. The purpose of the dietary retreat to experience the body meant that there was never a day without changes to my body. Despite being prone to cold, my fingertips would become cold even after walking for nearly two hours, and even a few minutes after a ginger compress, but on the fourth day, perhaps due to the warm weather, I noticed that my fingertips were not as cold. I was happy when I started sweating on my forehead. It’s nice how small realizations accumulate and return to you as joy.

Mr. Isogai emphasized the importance of setting small goals during the dietary retreat. He mentioned that difficult times are periods for rooting, citing an example from a company’s founder. Seriously engaging (creating a steadfast axis) and looking back at myself a year later, if I can say, “Because of the hard times I overcame then, I have now. Well done,” would be happiness.

On the fifth morning, my condition hadn’t improved, and if anything, my detox reactions were stronger, but I strangely welcomed the morning with a calm feeling. Conversations with companions, Mr. Isogai’s interesting stories, and gentle encouragement made me smile more. Perhaps the communication with people cleansed me from the inside. I learned the importance of diet and where to place my heart at the same time. I will continue to steadily implement what I was taught.

Thank you to Mr. Isogai, Yukari-san, and Teru-kun. Please give my regards to Mr. Isogai’s father as well. Thank you. (A 40-year-old woman living in Tokyo)

“Stage 4 Lung Cancer” – A death sentence suddenly arrived a year ago. Gradually, I became able to live more positively from despair, and this time, I participated in the dietary retreat for the first time, introduced by a friend.

I had imagined fasting as a painful and harsh discipline, but I was able to spend the time with less burden on my body than I thought. Also, I had the opportunity to learn various things from everyone at the same camp who were dealing with various conditions, and I was able to learn the importance of facing my own body. Thank you.

I felt Mr. Isogai was a trustworthy person at first sight. To be honest, I thought a somewhat shady teacher might appear, brainwash us, or sell us some strange power pots, but what he was selling were his father’s vegetables (laughs).

Chewing brown rice 200 times, I thought it would be messy and unclean, but trying it, my mouth felt refreshed, and I want to continue the habit of chewing well. I’ll also gradually work on strength training.

I look forward to the day I can meet this session’s members, the teacher, and his wife again, and I’ll enjoy my life in Mito. Thank you. (A 50-year-old man living in Ibaraki)

Thank you for the four days. It was my second time participating, and I’m glad I came here again.

While my job was improving with promotions, my private life (love life) wasn’t progressing at all, leaving me in a complex state. However, just a few days of semi-fasting completely eliminated those worries. My intestines became clean, and spending time with friends who cherish themselves helped me return to my own axis.

The importance of diet, the importance of the body, the importance of the mind. I will properly do these basic things. First, I will reduce the time spent on social media and aimlessly idling away, and prioritize (1) time spent in the kitchen, and (2) time spent cleaning, to ensure these two are valued within the 24 hours of the day.

Please let me join again. Next time, I also want to play with Haru-kun and the others. Thank you in advance.

P.S. Seeing the teacher and Yukari-san becoming even more powerful, I’ve admired and respected you! 💛 (A woman in her 30s living in Tokyo)