The name “Macrobian” originates from within our activities and refers to “practitioners of Macrobiotics.”

Macrobiotics is not merely a subject of study or learning; it is a practice to be integrated into daily life, and amidst the rapid changes of our times and society, it aims to realize health, happiness, freedom, and peace that everyone seeks in life. This activity hopes to spread the wisdom of the way of food (philosophy of life, worldview) widely across the world.

For 40 years, “Macrobian” has continued its practice activities centered around a base in the remote mountains of Fukushima and abroad. However, the activities were unavoidably suspended due to the nuclear accident in 2011. Later, we had the opportunity to relocate to the outskirts of Kyoto, and now, we are finally able to resume our activities in full scale.

The training content involves recruitment of trainees at two locations: the “Yojou-an” in Kyoto (management of various courses, farming, rice planting, etc.) and Macrobian in Fukushima (facility management, operation, various activities, etc.). Activities in Fukushima take place in the midst of nature’s forests, while in Kyoto, they occur in the rural mountains outside the city.

To survive in the coming era, we engage in various activities of living (cooking, farming, wood splitting, grass cutting, assisting in various courses, participating in social activities, managing and operating facilities, etc.) to experience and practice, thereby acquiring the wisdom of macrobiotics and nurturing the strength to live. We are looking for motivated trainees who aim for self-development and social activities under Chuya Hashimoto.

● Number of recruits: Two to three people
● Application conditions: Up to 40 years old. Gender does not matter. Couples may also apply.
● Application & Inquiries: Please apply by email or letter with a brief biography and reason for application.
● Email address:
● Address: Chuya Hashimoto, 13-1 Takaoka Tomiki, Kyotanba-cho, Funai District, Kyoto Prefecture, 622-0224
● Training conditions: There is no salary during the training period (one year), but meals and accommodation are guaranteed.
● Applications will be followed by a direct interview in Tokyo, Kyoto, etc., to make the final decision.
● Training start period: Around March 2024