Brown’s Field

Brownsfield is an eco-village centered around agriculture.

We cultivate rice, soybeans, and wheat through natural farming, from which we produce seasonings such as soy sauce and miso; and we are self-sufficient in plum pickles, plum vinegar, persimmon vinegar, and more throughout the year.

Our cafe, lodging, and meals are all based on brown rice cooked in a kamado, using homemade seasonings to prepare seasonal vegetables in a macrobiotic meal without animal products.

Please come and experience life at Brownsfield if you wish.

Below, we will introduce some ways to stay and experience, hoping you can choose based on your schedule and interests.

We look forward to meeting you at Brownsfield along with our staff.

-Deco Nakajima


● Long-term staff

These are paid live-in staff members.

Limited to those who can commit for at least two years.

2 agricultural staff. 2 cafe staff. 3 main staff.

1 staff for JiJi’s residence. Operated by long-term staff.

We start recruiting for long-term staff vacancies for the next year around October.

A one-week live-in interview is required.

Agricultural staff are currently being actively recruited, so if you’re interested in agriculture, please do consider.


● Short-term volunteer staff

We accept staff who can help live-in for 1 to 3 months.

Agricultural staff, cafe staff, main staff, staff for JiJi’s residence; we accept 1 to 2 people each.

Applications start around October every year, and we schedule for the next year, but sometimes cancellations open up, so please inquire at any time. There is a Zoom interview.


● Total Experience

Once a month, we host a “Total Experience at Brownsfield”.

This is a stay somewhere between being staff and a guest.

You can cook and eat with the staff, and experience seasonal jobs and farming together. The work varies with the seasons, and it’s a good opportunity to bond with the staff, so we have many repeat visitors.

It’s not a heavy work. You can freely participate in various experiences at your own pace, so it’s also easy for those with children to join.

【4 nights 5 days】 37,400 yen

【3 nights 4 days】 31,350 yen

(Includes pick-up, lodging, three meals a day, and one cafe meal)


● As a guest

As a guest, you can have a relaxed stay amidst nature, and you can also sign up for agricultural experiences or cooking experiences during your stay.

Please feel free to use it.


● As a workshop organizer

It’s also possible to get involved as an organizer of yoga sessions, seminars, etc.

At Brownsfield, we will take care of your lodging, meals, and cleaning, etc.

Also, at JiJi’s residence, there is “Warehouse Gallery JIJI”.

You can also hold exhibitions and sales of your own paintings, ceramics, accessories, etc.

Please consult with us.


《Cottage Stay》

【With 1 night 2 meals】

Basic charge

For single use 13,200 yen

For use by two or more people 9,900 yen

Weekend busy season charge

For single use 14,300 yen

For use by two or more people 11,000 yen


《Stay at JiJi’s Residence》

【With 1 night 2 meals】

Basic charge

For single use 19,800 yen

For use by two or more people 16,500 yen

Weekend busy season charge

For single use 21,450 yen

For use by two or more people 18,150 yen

Inquiries and applications


【Brownsfield Co., Ltd.】


Phone 0470-87-4501